What is KinkSpeed?


In short, KinkSpeed is a rapid fire BDSM presentation. Each presenter gets to talk for 5 minutes. You get 20 slides with 15 seconds each one. They auto advance so you need to be brief and informative. These will rarely be in depth presentations but more a general overview of a topic. After the presentations are over, presenters are invited to mingle with the crowd or take a seat and let people ask followup questions


What should I present about?

Ideally, whatever your talk is should be a entry level 101 class preferably somehow associated with Kink, BDSM or alternative lifestyles. Other than that, the sky is the limit. Be creative. Be memorable. Be shocking. Check out the Presenter FAQ for more information on topics that are allowed or not allowed


Should I do a demo?

It is doubtful that there will be time for setup of anything elaborate. Remember, you only get 5 minutes. In addition, you only have 1 minute before to get on stage and one minute to leave it. We could see a minor flogging demo or something like that, but keep in mind that the slides DO NOT stop. A demo is not required or recommended unless it can be quick and incorporated into the presentation flawlessly. For example, we had a knot tying one once where they showed people how to tie various knots, but there was little time to work with people one on one. Show your skills after the presentation since you’d have more time.


How do I participate?

On the top of any page, click presenters->apply to be a presenter or just click here: http://kinkspeed.com/presenter-application/┬áCheck your email. You will be sent the template. Download it and modify the 20 slides. You’ll be notified within a few days if you were accepted or not, but it never hurts to start working on the presentation.